Bread Bins & Food Covers

our selection of bread bins and food covers while boosting your home’s decor also keeps your food safe from flies and other pests that infect your food at home or in picnics. Our range crafted in a way which is lightweight and sustainable for our users.

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  1. Raj Steel Food Cover
    As low as AED 28.00
    20% OFF
  2. Raj Nylon Food Cover White
    As low as AED 9.60
    20% OFF
  3. Raj Copper Lid
    As low as AED 24.00
    20% OFF
  4. Sunnex Bread Canvas Bag
    As low as AED 15.00
    29% OFF
  5. Metaltex Splatter Screen
    As low as AED 12.00
    25% OFF
  6. Sunnex Stainless Steel Food Service Display Set (SX-036)
    Special Price AED 195.00 Regular Price AED 280.00
  7. Sunnex Stainless Steel Food Container 2.5 L with Roll Top Cover (SX-035)
    Special Price AED 184.00 Regular Price AED 264.00
  8. Fissman Multi-Size Lid With Marble Silicone Rim 24/26/28Cm Clear/Grey
    AED 70.00
  9. L&L Microwave Cover Lid Large
    AED 8.00
  10. L&L Microwave Cover Lid Sm
    AED 6.00
  11. Royalford 500Ml Summer Time Mamsomn Jar - Clear Glass Wide Mouth With Lid &...
    AED 7.00
  12. Aluminum Splatter Screen 33 Cm
    AED 28.00
  13. Epoxy Coated Food Cover 26 Cm
    AED 66.00
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13 Items

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